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Handles and Hinges Repair & Replacement Service Cork

handles and hinges repair services corkCarrig Glass & Glazing are the best choice for handles and hinge repair in Cork for doors and windows. We also replace locks and barrels to uPVC front and back doors. If your patio door is not sliding or getting stuck, we replace the wheels underneath as well.

There are so many different types of handles and hinges for doors and windows these days. When something goes wrong, many people fear that they will have to get the whole door or window replaced, and perhaps the frame too.

Nothing could be further than the truth. If you have a window or door where the catch has broken or the lock doesn’t work or it’s sagging on its hinges, there are always solutions, and Carrig Glass & Glazing would be proud to provide them for you.

With older windows, such as wooden-framed and single-glazed, there aren’t that many different types of handles and hinges, the variations tend to be in style only. However, the windows, doors and frames themselves are quite simple so it’s relatively easy to find a replacement handle or hinge that’s a good match. If your getting a draft through your opening windows, we will ensure to replace the hinges on your windows.

Modern double-glazed windows in uPVC or wood are a bit more complicated but what our customers don’t often realise is that more recent hinges and handles can be replaced or repaired too. Although at first glance every single uPVC window catch looks different to any other, and they do change a lot over time, there are some underlying basic shapes and fittings.

We have a wide range of knowledge and skill here at Carrig Glass & Glazing, but if we can’t repair your handles or hinges, we are confident that we will be able to source replacements that do the job perfectly and fit them quickly too.

If you have a problem with the handle or hinge of a door or window – classic or modern – give Carrig Glass & Glazing a call now.

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Carrig Glass & Glazing also provide a professional and affordable glass repair service for doors, windows and plant machinery.

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If you have a problem with the handle, hinge or glass of a door or window – contact Carrig Glass & Glazing now.

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